It all started out as a joke. I lost my maintenace job and walked in to my cousins shop to chop it up with the fellas when a friend walks into the shop for a shape up both barbers were busy at the time so I sarcastically said I got you and he said come on just clean me up I did such a good job I said this is what I want to do from that day on. I learned the trade for 4 years as a Master Barber. Corona Barbershop opened in 2001 and then Corona Barbershop Plus in 2003. 15 years later we are still here doing what we love..

Shaddai (Reyescuts)

My name is Shaddai Reyes and I am 20 years old, at the young age of 12 I was fascinated by the barbershop its scent & the people in it I realized that the barbershop is something more than just cutting hair or just a simple job it is a form of art which made me grow passionate about it at an early age and I was able to realize that this is something I really wanted to do. When I was twelve, I saved some money and bought my first clippers to start cutting my brother’s & friends hair for a few years until I was confident enough to bring my skills to work at a barbershop the barbershop became a whole world of new friends, acquaintances, some even like family!

Flako The Barber Legend

My name is Luis Carlos Cordero but everybody knows me as Flako. I have been barbering for over 9 years having started out I started at Corona Barbershop. My major goal in this industry is grow with my barbers brothers and make the industry better. If you have a haircut with me I guarantee that your experience is going to be different and professional.

Lucho Barberian

I started cutting hair when I was 13. It was about 1994,95! I was running errands the owner and his barbers, picking up their lunch, supplies,sweeping the floor, fixing their machines! Till i got my first shape up machine which was the style Liner T! Then the seniors & then eventually the Masters! By 16 teen I knew I wanted to have my own barbershop! Eventually the barbershop closed down and I had to part ways with my mentor Brian! I worked for a few other shops until I finally landed in Corona Barbershop worked with him for a few years then opened my own shop it wasnt easy me & Deo met again and decided to partner up and build our empire!

Cristian Beltre

I started to cut hair with my brother guiding and instructing me in 1994, my first clients were my dad and brother. I started to respect the art of cutting hair and so I became a full time barber. By 1996 I opened my own little shop in Bonao Dominican Republic. I fell in love with the craft and by 2014 I received my permanent residence in the US and gave the barbershop to my cousin and started to cut hair here. I learned the different styles, tools, & techniques they use here and became even better at this craft. I thank my brother, the man who pushed me to become a barber & Deo who has helped me refine & perfect my craft.

Czarina Zee

As long as I can remember I was good at a number of things. I had many passions I loved using my hands I enjoyed dancing playing dress up make up and doing hair. My grandma was the first person I did a complete hair style on I was about 7, I did her hair every Sunday for church as I got older I experimented on my own hair I was good by the time I was 18 I had my daughter so I decided to go to hair school. My original plan was to travel with the stars and become their stylist. One day the instructor showed use different braiding techniques it was like art to me its was fun. So once I got out of cosmology school I set off to find the perfect shop I was in two before I found the perfect spot and I am still there today. I am more then a stylist I am ur consultant about anything I am a friend and ear to listen also a dancing burst of positive energy. I love to make my clients happy I am your favorite Braider and I love what I do it’s a one of a kind thing.


My name is Jefferson, I was born in (Colombia) in 1994. I came to the US in 2018 with the desire to improve myself and become a great barber in this industry.
I am kind, happy, humble and a good friend! I started the barber shop as a volunteer in community services for people with addictions and was able to take this art to another level in my new home here in New York Corona Barbershop Plus . And It will be a pleasure to be at your service and wishing you also become part of this great family.


I’m Cleo a licensed barber and braider here to meet your style needs. I have 17 years experience braiding and have been cutting for 3 years. Two of the things that play a major part in building your character is love for yourself and love for others. Braiding hair for me came about by braiding my own hair. As I braided my hair I would consider it practice and work on improving my skill out of loving myself and wanting to look good. As my skill improved my friends noticed and I started doing their hair too. It makes me happy to be able to see them looking and feeling good too. I wanted us all to look and feel good so I learned more skills (locs, cutting hair, extensions, facials) to improve and be able to cater to our different styles.
When I went to school (Long Island Barber Institute) for cutting hair the exposure opened my eyes to the need for my services in the barbershops. Men with long hair were not getting catered to (don’t get me wrong women are more than welcomed and catered to). I was pointed in the direction of Corona Barbershop Plus and it just made sense to me that this is where I need to be. It’s a great atmosphere and the standard of service is high.
So here I am. Come in. Get designed..


Born in the city of Bogota, Colombia In 1989.
At the age of 14 I began to go to one of the few barber shops in my city where I began to take an interest in the art of barbering.
I attended by his owner who was an excellent barber, in one of his conversations he gives him advice to learn how to cut hair and he is left with the idea.
Some time later, one of his brothers, by chance, brought a hair-cutting machine to the house and, being among friends, began to practice with them from time to time everything he only observed every time he went to the barber shop. But that idea stayed there and he dedicated himself to studying, working and starting a family.
It was in 2013 when he decided to become independent and set up his first barber shop in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia. And due to the difficulty of obtaining barbers in that city, he decides to retake this art and empirically begins to cut hair. 3 years later he opens another barber shop in his hometown.
In early 2019 he makes one of his dreams come true and gets to know New York City and try Luck. Due to coincidences in social networks, he found Corona Barbershop Plus since he had heard his name in a song that he liked, he decides to contact them, they open their doors and a few days later he becomes part of the team of this barber shop.

Juan S

I started the barber shop 7 years ago when I missed my first year of school, at first I thought I would only do it for fun & on my free afternoons, 2 years later it would become more than just fun, my way of thinking, & my way of living would become my passion. I decided to take it a little more serious and study for 1 year at a loca barbershop. I then made the decision to work full time & make a career from what I had learned and I abandoned my dream of becoming a football player. 3 years have passed and I took on a new challenge and that is to work fly to New York & work to perfect my craft and one day open my own shop & here I am slowly but surely fulfilling my dream here working at Corona Barbershop Plus.